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drumkv1 does not load in Ardour

My system: Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon - Ardour 7.1


i installed the ubuntu studio plugins and drumkv1 seems comes with this package. Unfortunately it doesn't work.

The log says:
2022-11-11T20:13:17 [WARNING]: Failed to add Synth Plugin to newly created track.
2022-11-11T20:14:09 [ERROR]: LV2: Failed to instantiate plugin

I found your Drumsampler here.

1. Can i find, why it doesn't start?
2. How can i install the downloaded source file? (i'm a linuxnewbie....)
3. Can your sampler load a wav and can i set more outputs the different instruments?

Greetings, Stefan

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hi, thanks for stopping by...

where did you get your ardour7.1 ? if it's the (official) binaries from then you would be lucky if it ever loads at all to ubuntu studio built drumkv1-lv2 plugin, if that's the case.

please resort to the ones provided by (my) PPA's instead: they are build to Qt6-static and guaranteed to work on any Ardour version or build (or so I believe:))--you probably only need to add one of the "Applications" PPA... have a try!

see also the repos above at the top menu.


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