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New MIDI bug - Notes on beat 1

I'd post to github but am not sure I have enough helpful information beyond my user experience. If logs and/or clips are needed, let me know and I'll supply.

As far as I can tell, the bug may have been introduced in as that was the first occurrence. I was hoping my upgrade to (via apt upgrade) would resolve it. No such luck.

How to reproduce:

In any Clip Editor view (Piano Roll), draw a MIDI note onto the very first beat of the clip. The following statements are now true:

1. The note can not be selected with the mouse.
2. The note's velocity can not be "grabbed" in order to raise or lower the value.
3. The note is not triggered when playback starts.
4. The note is viewable and can be modified in Event VIewer though these actions do not resolve the prior issues listed above.

While testing various scenarios, I noticed this quirky behavior seems to only occur with notes drawn on or moved to the first beat of a the clip. In other words, I can open a new clip, draw a note anywhere other than the first beat and everything is fine. If I move the note to the first beat, this scenario reveals itself.


Fix confirmed! Thank you again.


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