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display bug when launching qtractor with raysession

First of all thank you to the contributor of Qtractor who created and maintain this software that I discover since a few months, it is super successful.

I just reinstalled everything on Debian 11 with librazik4 (
I use a session manager named RaySession to launch Qtractor.

- When I have a session with Qtractor, the software launches well but a part of the screen keeps in memory what was on the screen and so I can't use the software correctly. To stop the problem I have to stop RaySession.
- When I launch Qtractor without RaySession, I don't have any display problem.
- When I run xkill to unblock the situation, it is Qtractor that stops. I tried to reproduce the error with other software like Ardour, Hydrogen or Carla but I have no display problem.

I don't know if the incompatibility comes from Qtractor or RaySession but the problem exists only between these 2 softwares.

Maybe you can give me a clue or maybe someone has already encountered this problem.


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hi, thanks

so it is the raysession window that gets the all wrong blank or black display?

can you tell which qtractor version is that? and what kind of executable delivery? native binary, flatpak, appimage?
and what about your system environment? xorg or xwayland or pure wayland?


yes in the print screen it is raysession but if I move the raysession window when loading qtractor it can be something else like my background.

I think it's a binary version of qtractor 0.9.24-1librazik1
And i use xorg 1:7.7+22

I just found my problem, it's the connection window in qtractor that does not display correctly when loading.
When I select the "connection" window, the jack connections window is displayed.
That's okay, I think we can close my request.
sorry for the inconvenience.

Merry Christmas to all
And long live Qtractor

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merry x-mas 2u2 and all

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