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Midi clock send port


my workstation has several virtual MIDI inputs and outputs:
1: Musical data and clock input/output
2: DAW control functions

So I activated Qtractor's dedicated MIDI input/output and connected the two inputs and outputs it in both ways. It works, I can control Qtractor with my workstation. But now I am not able to do a BPM sync because my workstation expects clock on port 1 but Qtractor uses the control port for clock output. Adding crosswise connections (1->2/2->1)) leads to very weird behavior which makes sense and makes Qtractor unusable. Is there any chance to configure the clock port which qtractor uses? Or is there any workaround to get these two syncing?



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I think you can only have one way or the other; having both ways (WS MIDI Clk out -> qtractor -> WS MIDI Clk in) is not really an advisable situation...

iow. if you set qtractor's MIDI Clock option to "Duplex" you better not make both source and target as being the same device, otherwise you'll probably get a positive feedback loop and end up with a proverbial undefined behavior, which I think you already noticed :)


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