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> Beat unit divisor, aka. the denominator or lower numeral in the time-signature, have now a visible and practical effect over the time-line, even though the standard MIDI tempo(BPM) is always denoted in beats as quarter-notes (1/4, crotchet, seminima) per minute.

This confused me at first :) I was wondering, in a particular song, why the ruler units did not align with my clips anymore. Then I looked at the start of it, and saw (nice, light grey indication, bravo) something else than my obligatory pop binary minion "4/4" aha!

> Generic and custom track icons eye-candy (NEW)

This is a lot less tacky than I thought it would be, I must confess I kind of like it :/

> MIDI Send/Return and Aux-Send insert plugins (NEW)

I like how Qtractor features tend to appear right when I need them, not before, probably so as to not confuse me :)

> New option on the audio/MIDI export dialog, on whether to add/import the exported result as brand new track(s).

Woah, like effectively freezing (eg making theorically playing the whole song easier on the CPU) the track, yes?

Anyway super duper thanks, another glorious day in the land of Linux Audio :)