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Hello Rui Nuno,
Thanks for your reply.
So then after some search, I realized that the Phonon backend support video and sound.
And it's up to them to give a hand to jack (like a gateway) if it's sound type and if jack is started.
As Xine is discontinue, if you want to hope that your excellent tool qjacktcl still works in the furtur. It seems to me very important to invest interest in the new backend and perhaps to inform developers about the heavy importance of jack?

Harald Sitter sitter.harald at author of is a phonon developer. He said two majors things :

- He doesn't know really JACkd and apparently are not interested about jackd :/

- He said than "The former preferred choice Xine is as of now considered unmaintained and should not be used anymore." (because QtWebKit hard-depends on the GStreamer, Xine a too few developer)

useful sources :
jack plugin used by phonon-backend-gstreamer :

jack plugin used by phonon-backend-vlc :
cf vlc -l |grep jack and apt-get install vlc-plugin-jack

Unfortunately for me I still cannot use rosegarden & flash with phonon-gstreamer-backend or phonon-gstreamer-xine & jack : no sound !! Only in audacity !!! :// I'm very very disappointed ...

Thanks !