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you see, the possible is already done, immediately, while other, say impossible, requests will have to wait a litle longer ;)

That's exactly how I see it. And sometimes I'm not even sure to want what I wish ;) Like the mixer, don't get me wrong, I love the separate pane, of course it's invaluable for big sessions and has got to stay that way. Anytime I mention such a big thing, it's obviously an option. Bottom-line being : Qtractor is perfect for me as it is. I mean, the default options, everything makes sense.

yeah, i've been promising on this one but still short on delivering. have i ever said it isn't really a top priority on my list? sorry again.
No, you said "maybe next year (with a smiley IIRC) in December 2015 :) A friend of mine, who wrote a book on Qt dev, pulled the source from git and built it recently, and even bought a MIDI keyboard for that ; Any pointers on where to start looking?