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b) buses, all buses, any buses not only Master buses, are fundamentally mixdown signal processing devices, they have no sequenced media content (clips) so there is no support for them on the timeline and that is why there's no automation for buses, period.

Yes, we all get that, Qtractor is very unambiguous about it : There is no master bus, just a bus called master (in fact mine is called QRT because it's shorter) but hey, clips are not the only thing happening in the timeline! Automation can happen... Wait, no, automation cannot happen without clips, but anyway, I'm talking about a new object in the timeline : Busses :) It surely sounds like 1.0, you're right about that :)

So it wouldn't be a "track" but a "bus" in said timeline. Visually identified as such - icon, color, etc. - with its own idiosyncrasies - different/no selection modes, no clips, maybe it would only stick to the bottom of the timeline, etc. - with only the possibility of acting upon the parameters exposed by the plugins contained in it, for automation. And maybe the gain & pan controls of the bus itself, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't use it, but just for consistency's sake it would only be logical. It would be a nice "Show in the Timeline" checkbox hidden in the Busses dialog, in the "Bus" box, next to the "Mode" dropdown menu.

mostly i kinda joke about it, saying it all will be there for v2.x, despite v1.x is still far beyond the horizon :)
Yes, one major version / decade ;p nice, mathematical progression, that's where you're an engineer and not me :) if it were for me, we would have hit 1.0 years ago, like when automation arrived, it already felt like 1.5 :) Thank you so much for you work, Rui.