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well that figures do depend on several factors, including current system configuration: cpu power, jackd frames/period, etc.

for instance, on my system (intel core 2 quad, jackd -p128) the provided presets just tops 35% on jackd dsp load.

it may also depend on the build target and compiler optimizations in place (release is ok; debug not so much).

and obviously the more voices are playing simultaneously (mono vs. poly) the greater the load.

however i must give you an optimization hint:- don't set LFO Reso to anything but 0% when filter type is Form(ant): it won't make up much of an audible difference, especially if the LFO BPM and/or Rate are relatively high, but will do a lot of a computational difference as the formant filter coefficients will have to get recalculated all the time, which is just overkill.