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yes, as said, the synthv1.conf file is read and possibly rewritten on every run of the plugin (synthv1.lv2) or stand-alone client (synthv1_jack) instances. though, some sections or portions of the .conf file, are actually rewritten only when you, the user, make some configuration change, like, loading a .synthv1 preset file and it stays named, mapped and remembered thereafter. however, that's as an assumption you should not take into account here. and this mechanism is NOT under qtractor control either--remember this relates to native .synthv1 preset files, type a.

now to the b. part: that's where qtractor has responsabilities, about LV2 preset management. as also said earlier, LV2 plugins do NOT have control over their LV2 presets--they relate to them, but do not own them--LV2 plugin presets are strictly a host's business, not a plugin's one.

i hope i've made myself clear, now.

so, if you want