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re. Maybe you'll like a design like this one:

i like the idea but why not some pale colors (as in not being plain primary)? and no, the "colored" mixer icon is definitely not to my taste :)
there follows my own (critical) opinions:
1. fileOpen: yellow is good, but probably better with some darker shade on the slanted face ?
2. fileSave: green is not good--maybe the same sort of shade as above?
3. editUndo/editRedo(?): plain red is no good either here--maybe plain blue with bevel shadow filtering?
4. editCut/editCopy/editPaste: why not plain as it was, whiter-shade-of-pale style? also, I'm planning to remake those but still on the bleached whiteness though :)
5. viewMixer: nope, just plain nope. sorry. (i love the whiter that's for granted:))
6. viewPreview (aka. speaker icon): green is good and again a bevel shadow would be nicer though.

cheers and thanks