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again, you use qsampler (client) to configure linuxsampler (server).

you won't ever see anything related to qsampler in qtractor, whatsoever (or any other DAW for that matter): you'll deal with "linuxsampler" instead.

you may have linuxsampler channels:

a) standalone, for which you use them by connecting linuxsampler midi in, audio out (alsa or jack) ports to proper sources (a sequencer or midi player or keyboard controller, for midi input) and connect to your monitor speakers, headphone physical sound device (for audio output);

b) as plugin instances, either DSSI or LV2, for which it's the responsibility of the host (eg. qtractor) where those are inserted and drive all MIDI in and audio out, under its own premises;

either way, a) or b) may be managed by qsampler (or any other linuxsampler client; you can even control it via telnet/netcat/etc., through well written LSCP messages; but you rather leave that alone for geek-heads :))