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yes, this is not an error, all is intentional and working as design.

MIDI tracks, in qtractor model convention, are mapped (1:1) to one and single MIDI channel which in turn maps (also in 1:1 fashion) to one and only possible MIDI instrument selection (ie. MIDI bank_select + program_change number) as a property for the MIDI track/channel conveyor so to speak.

That said, when importing a MIDI file that has a sequence of more than one (bank_select+) program_change interleaved over the very same MIDI channel, only the first occurrence takes precedence and thus assigned to the newer MIDI track. All subsequent events will be skipped or simply ignored by the import operation. This is so to obey to the above conventional model: one track, one channel, one instrument patch (bank+program).

note that when exporting to a MIDI file, the same rule always applies, notably that bank_select + program_change events will appear always at the absolute beginning of the exported sequence and nowhere else, just for MIDI instrument setup purposes (a MIDI convention of yore GM/GS/XG standards and best practices).