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Well, MIDI Pgm Change (PC) messages aren't the most suitable to do the thing you're after, just because most often they send a fixed value which is the program number to change to, no surprise there.

However I believe that, no matter what value is the PC event then it should work as most shortcut commands are recognized as one-shot triggers which are in turn keen to momentary foot-pedal controllers. But again, this is only valid on this last v0.8.6.

On the other hand, the MSB and LSB configuration parameters you have on the controller configuration are no other than MIDI CC#0 (MSB) and CC#32 (LSB) which in fact are "Bank Select" messages--that's all old MIDI parlance for switch banks, programs, patches if you like, so that a complete command to switch a given preset, patch or whatever (to a target synth instrument, for instance)would be about sending 2 MIDI CC messages (MSB, LSB) and then the final PC for the program number (within the selected bank).

I know this is way out of topic, but that again, it's plain old MIDI standard roaring it's face from the late 80's :)