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how is the shortcut type "Pgm Change" in qtractors supposed to work?
do all "your" PC events send the same parameter value? really? that's of course wrong and not quite usable...

please try to configure each button to send its own and distinct parameter value and without any bank_select MSB/LSB;
then on Help > Shortcuts... down under the MIDI Controller column click on the desired menu command you wish to trigger; then set for "Pgm Change" and the corresponding parameter value (program number) to that of one of the buttons or knobs; you can also try to press the button and see whether that makes iit automagically into the fields (that's kindathe so called

  • MIDI learn feature of it:)); I guess you know all that by now.
    you can also try to configure those buttons to send a particular MIDI CC ("Controller") instead and then probably much easier to catch with than plain "Pgm Change"'s (PC).

    please try and live to tell the story :).