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Hi, you're welcome.

I think you have it a bit confused or at least you got me confused :)...

First, you have to know that Qtractor does not generate any sound per se. You need to drive (via MIDI) some instrument plugin or an external soft-synth like Qsynth, right?

Second, Qsynth is a front-end to FluidSynth which in turn is a SoundFont2 (SF2) sampler: all to say that the issues you are experiencing are probably specific to the SF2 you have loaded and not quite of Qtractor's fault: again, it doesn't generate any sound, it just transmits the MIDI messages to Qsynth/fluidsynth if properly connected to it--it is Qsynth (in fact, it is the FluidSynth engine) that produces the audio output that is driven by the MIDI on its input.

Third, I fail to recall what a VS2 file is. Did you mean SF2 ?