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@rncbc, Thanx for the reply.

I am using XFCE and to have qjackctl auto start, go under Settings/Session and Startup/Application Autostart, I added qjackctl to this section. All version prior to v 0.5.5 would autostart when I log in, version 0.5.5 does not.

I just rolled back to v 0.5.4, and all the items work as expected, system tray icons settings behave has expected, qjackctl works as expected in the system tray, Server Prefix is not grayed out, and qjackctl does NOT autostart jack when it launches, where when I start qjackctl version 0.5.5 jack starts up even though this option within settings is unchecked.

I removed my configuration file as you suggested but that doesn't fix the issue.

qjackctl behaves differently (for me) in version 0.5.4 and 0.5.5. versions prior to 0.5.5 function perfectly for me. Are these bugs or just how qjackctl behaves now?