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sorry, I have no clue what is going wrong but it looks like you're having trouble with some, one or more plugins of an existing session and it crashes when opening it, right?

you can take several routes to find which one is the culprit, if not qtractor itself:

a. run qtractor under gdb and take a full symbolic backtrace that will pin-point to the thread or spot where it is having the segfault;
b. start a new session from scratch, starting clean and try adding the same plugins as you know are in the faulty session (from the dump above you have a serious bunch of lv2's, dssi's and ladspa's as list of suspects); save and re-open the session one step at a time until it chokes in similar way as the one at stake;
c. also in an iterative manner as previous one, edit the xml on a copy of the session file (.qtr) and start cutting one plugin entry at a time, until the session loads cleanly;

i really think you'll probably have to go with a (re)mix of the above until the nasty bugger is found.
sorry for the mess: remember to backup and more importantly ALWAYS have trials with working copies, never with the originals ;)