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Regarding jackCtl, its a standalone app, its a middle man,
some programs install and use alsa on linux, or coreaudio on a mac,
they don't need jack if they are able to output sound on their own.
jack is used with programs that need to connect with each other,
some programs start jack when they start, some don't, so you need to
start jack first, AND press the play button on the jackCtl inrerface, or press pause
to see how it stops playback of the connected programs or devices.

But as mentioned, jack is no good in certain circumstances, programs that use networking
will most likely not have been designed to work with jack, as the network is their middle man,
though am sure some programs will work with jack, some streaming / broadcasting programs I think do this,
jack routes the various sources to the program, the program then uses the internet to send the output.

I don't play any instrument, I tried piano, loved it, but life got in the way, I set up audio for our Church,
which I do on a computer with a DAW, I tend to our website, I have an interest in broadcasting, but I seem
to be the only one, so am afraid to start putting anything online because I would be personally tied up and
responsible for everything, if I get sick, then what, but I still keep the interest and try to unravel what would
be required to set up such, living in hope.