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hi, thanks for trying qtractor

first of all, let me say that the View > Controllers... facility, being the one that let's you edit a .qtc file, is a generic MIDI controller map for track strips controls : Gain or Volume, Panning, Monitor Mute, Solo and Record. sorry to tell, there's nothing more than that that this facility can offer; it is best and probably only suited to map MIDI controllers that present you the traditional mixer console interface: slider faders and buttons on a strip by strip basis; you may reckon Winko's KORG nanoKONTROL 2 certainly have that kind of layout :)

given that your AKAI APC Key 25 is more of a piano keyboard with a grid of clip-launcher buttons, I may have to say that it is not the best control surface for the purpose at hand; lest to say that qtractor is a traditional timeline sequencer and does not have a clip-launcher interface like Ableton Live.

so maybe I'll suggest you to look into other ways to map your MIDI controller to fit and purpose:
1. Help > Shortcuts > MIDI Controller :- this let's you map or assign a MIDI controller to any of the main menu commands (stored as application/global settings);
2. "MIDI Controller..." right-click /context-menu to most of the sliders or button controls in the qtractor GUI (stored as session/project settings).