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I have no problem with sarcasm but this is a seriously lame response on so many levels. Not sure what you're so angry about but there's no reason to take it out on me or the software. All I did was point out an extremely valid use case (one I know you are quite familiar with) and show where an oversight exists. It's this kind of "my way or the highway" attitude that's kept Qtractor where it's at in my opinion and this is why adaption isn't improving. Rather than telling people to go !@%! themselves, how about a little gratitude for those of us who use it and take the time to point out where obvious improvements can be made? Especially something like this where nobody is asking for anything new to be created. Obviously the code already exists to "initialize" a project... the ask was to simply make it accessible. This also has nothing to do with Carla so I'm not sure what's triggering you there.... not sure I want to know actually. Whatever, it's your choice. You like this thing the way it is, fine by me. I won't bother letting you know where it can be improved going forward.