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So looking at the SGML file (.qtr) itself, I don't understand why <directory>/some/absolute/path/here</directory> is a thing at all. What's the point of this? One would think it might represent the path where session data is stored. However, we can see that each of the entries under <midi-list> is specified using a relative path to the path mentioned above. This, IMHO, is where things become more difficult to manage then perhaps they should be? If <directory> really represents the session location, why not just specify the absolute path there so each midi/audio file didn't have it's relative location managed as well? I'm not saying this move alone would solve all the issues with work flow brought up in this thread but it seems like it would be a good start?

At some point, I think it would also make tons of sense to refactor whatever is happening with the File/Properies/Session dialog that can be changed when working inside a project. I can't understand what the point of the Name field is and it seems like changing the path to another directory would be an ideal location to drive some kind of copy operation behind the scenes? Like, if I change the path and click OK, wouldn't it make sense to copy (or move if we're willing to get really crazy... LOL) to that directory while also changing the path in the .qtr file's <directory> entry?