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Thank you so much for this advice.
I actually tried the option you suggest as well, but for complicated projects it's again an inefficient solution, especially if it's a project working on 4-5 audio tracks. As an example you can see here ( a screenshot of one of my Hindenburg projects: on the right you can see the clipboard with the clips selected and organized to be used later.
Regarding the second point I think I have explained myself wrong. This is what I mean: If the chunks of a clip on the timeline can be pasted directly into a clipboard as virtual references, when they are put back on the timeline the in point and the out point can still be modified as needed. If they are stand-alone files, exported and then re-imported onto the timeline, the in point and out point are no longer editable and this removes flexibility from the choices you can make during editing.
Basically this is what happens: if I select a part of a clip and then save it as a file, then I can no longer change my mind about the beginning and end of the clip.

Thanks again for your attention