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Now that everything is fine and dandy I'm trying to get QmidiCtl to work using qtractor and qmidiNet on this computer, and qmidiCtl on my N900 (connected to both my local network and the internets via wifi) but can't figure out what goes into where; I left the port# untouched on both machines (21928) and tried both combinations of interfaces, but what network is it using ? I can ssh from and to both machines, but there I can't figure out how I say to qmidiCtl "this is the IP of the machine you're supposed to talk to"..?

-Do I need qmidiNet to use QmidiCtl to interact with qtractor/jack ?
-Are the controls mapped in the configuration screens by defaults compatible with qtractor (ie does pressing play engage qtractor playback, and record, etc.. ?)
-Is there a quick test procedure ?