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no, I don't recommend to remove pipewire, at all!

pipewire is working here for more than a year now; it replaced pulseaudio entirely ever since and I personally have no regrets about that; besides, on my watch, I do have genuine jackd(bus) and pipewire-jack substitution all the time for work and fun; of course, when working with genuine jackd(bus) only jack-applications may use the designated sound device, all olhers desktop applications go silent; but when using pw-jack all jack-applications and all other desktop applications can co-exist and even get inter-connected as usual, via qjackctl or qpwgraph--in fact that's one real biggest advantage to pipewire on the Linux desktop.

pipewire-jack, the replacement/substitution for the jack-API has also been improving quite nicely and to my knowledge only a few quirks still remain especially regarding jack-transport/timebase reliability and under certain circumstances; imho. pipewire is pretty good enough nowadays for the general consumer desktop, trust me

as said, it still needs some polishing on the proaudio front, but overall it is ready (running v0.3.77 here).