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Track colors are for visually organizing the sequencer. It is something very personal and each project may require different modes of organization.

Someone may prefer to identify groups of instruments with exactly the same color, another person with different shades of the same color, another prefers not to organize it by groups of instruments but by functionality (percussions, accompanists, soloists), another by nuances to differentiate a midi instrument from one of recorded audio (which is no longer necessary thanks to the incorporation of the audio/midi color bar). Even the same person can decide to take different strategies for different projects.

It is not something that depends on the VisualTheme.

If it is true, I find the current color selection interface of Me Track to be cumbersome. You select the main track color, and then it's hard to find the equivalent track clip.
I think it's something I could try to improve myself and make a proposal. But the truth is that I still don't know how to solve it conceptually.

Regarding the issue of "secondary" icons, you have made me think and I think you are partly right. I will take it into account for the next version of the VisualTheme.
It is something that will take time because first I want to study several things well:
- What exact parts of Qtractor does each color of the colorTheme affect?
- What parts of Qtractor are configurable by QSS (style)?
- Those that don't, see if they can be made configurable by adding identifiers to the Qtractor source code and sending the proposals to Rui.
- Standardize for my projects degrees of luminosity and tone that guarantee satisfactory viewing on screens with little dynamic range.

And before this I want to dedicate some time to using Qtractor again to make music (it seems incredible but this Themes thing has taken up a lot of my time). :-)

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