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I'm finding myself becoming somewhat addicted to this thread and have messed around a bit trying to build off your cool Tecnico theme. Here's what I have so far....

Highlight, Link, and LinkVisited are all set to #555555

Now on a track, I set Foreground to #878c6a and Backgroundto #222222 and here's what we get (my window layout may seem a bit odd if you're unfamiliar with tiling window managers)

There are some problems however as it seems we now see some colors are hard-coded. Specifically, when we add and select data...

There's also the side-effect that newly created tracks will be created with entirely new colors and need to be manually changed after the fact. Of course, this is a feature of Qtractor itself and I totally get that. That said, it would be nice to disable that feature at a global level in order to set things up once if that's your preference.