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If you are referring to the midi editor, the background is defined by the "Base" color.
This affects other parts like the background in menus...

In each topic I learn new things about the structure of Qtractor, and QSS.

It really should be possible to create a theme in which all parts are controlled and it is more predictable how changing a color affects the rest of the interface.

Even add a guide to the README of the themes that identifies each color and the parts it affects.

But all this for a possible future, if there are really users who demand it and Qtractor by default supports .qss management. (I don't know if that feature is going to be added to the official branch).

For now, I think I have achieved my goal with Tecnico: leaving Qtractor to my liking and opening a door to theming for the community.
By establishing a defined format (vtq), functionalities and workflows can be expanded in this regard.

For example, a hypothetical functionality in which Qtractor reads the readme and imports and configures all the parts of the theme on its own: Colors, style and icons.