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I've only seen it in screenshots.
I have to compile Qtractor again and I'll take the opportunity to test it.

If you give me permission I will include it on the VTQ page.
I'll just adapt the a bit ans add de pre extensión _Colors and _Style.

I'm still devising the format, and I need it to be like this for concept reasons.

For example, before my included a "Content" section. I'm going to change it to "Related". This would allow creating themes with mixed resources: Combine Colors from one theme with Images from another with Styles from another, to create a new theme.

In that case the theme would only contain one file,, which is responsible for defining the theme, for create a relationship. Each relation is an individual with its own meaning, who when related creates another individual with its own meaning, the relationship.

I know that this generates dependencies, and I would have to investigate how to resolve them.
Including the url of the dependencies as you have done in your theme with the icons can be a solution.
(For me, reinventing the wheel makes sense)