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screenshot Hi all.

I'm trying to make a custom theme based on other peoples works. I noticed a lot of UI codes are inside C++ files. I can only do a few things using QSS. I attached a screenshot I'm currently making.

I removed Sequencer Shadows and the Color of edit-head and edit-tail by changing some C++ code. By the way, I'm not a computer programmer. I read a little bit of documentation at Qt website.

It would be nice if I can make everything using QSS. For now, I've to recompile qtractor every single time after I change something in CPP files.

I don't want to change codes inside cpp files. But currently it's the only way to make change that I want.
Oh...anybody know a way to change the color of Piano Roll? The Black & White Piano keys color?

qtractorTrackList.cpp, Line Number 1207

    QLinearGradient grad(0,, 0, rect.bottom());
    grad.setColorAt(0.4, bg);
    grad.setColorAt(1.0, bg.darker(120));
    pPainter->fillRect(rect, grad);

I can't change the Track List gradient so I tried change that code. It's work but not as I expected.
There are a lot of codes like that in cpp files.
I don't know what to do. I know I shouldn't mess around with source code.

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