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Actually, I have most definitely noticed snapping MIDI data is problematic and would have mentioned something along the way but I honestly thought it was just me. In my experience, the note overshoots most of the time, crossing the intended snap (to the right) that I intend for it to land on. I have gotten quite accustomed to grabbing the right side and shrinking it back to what I had originally intended.

So there may be something here worth fine tuning?

BTW, I also have no knowledge of music theory so for years now, I've relied on the actual MIDI note number rather than the musical name :)

I didn't notice the colored loop range but agree it's a great idea. As for the color, it should obviously match whatever color is used for the loop markers themselves (vertical bars I mean). In other words, it would make no sense to make a horizontal range indicator color configurable if the corresponding vertical markers had their color fixed.