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Uhm...... this is AMAZING! It is an absolute game changer in terms of accuracy when it comes to the snapping behavior of MIDI notes in PR. It's so distinctly different, I keep re-checking it over as my mind has grown quite accustomed to the old behavior over the years. Just for giggles, I commented out line 659 as well and recompiled. Although the diamonds never appeared to "suffer" from the same snapping issues as notes, I was curious to just see what I'd see. I did not notice any cosmetic or functional difference. That said, I would be very curious to know what your experience would be if you wanted to give it a go?

Line 659

       painter.drawPolygon(polyg.translated(1, 0)); // shadow

Anyway, as far as the notes are concerned, I will never go back to shadows. I have SEEN THE LIGHT! :D

Rui, this is amazing and so worthy of a boolean option configurable by the end user.