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Hello Kosai.

I take advantage of this thread to answer you.

First, let me tell that you are doing a very cool job.
The theme you are compiling looks very actual.
I liked the simplified scroll bars, and I implemented it in my Tecnico theme.
I just uploaded it.

I see that you have taken advantage of some of the Iconduck "Monotone" icons that Windowsrefund selected.
I think it was necessary to create a complete pack (or several) of symbolic flat monochrome icons. I have it on my list for possible projects.

You mentioned how to change the Zoom buttons? Those buttons are part of the original Qtractor icon pack, so you already know the answer, redesigning them.

After reflecting on the issue of icons, I think it makes no sense to change the original Qtractor icons, because it is part of its identity.
It does make sense to create Icon Packs.
However, Qtractor is not able to handle it without compiling.
As I see it, implementing the icon pack management functionality is too complex.
All static paths written in code should be replaced with variable paths.

So the option that Rui told you about using the G3N-es-x branch has no place here, because it is not really necessary to program anything.
Just create icon packs and share them if we want.

Below I will explain about Branch G3N-es-x.

_BRANCH G3N-es-x
Rui did me the favor of creating that branch in case I wanted to contribute code, and so that he could review it to accept or not, without interfering with the official branch.
Others could use it for the same purpose.

The problem is that the branch broke with the updates.
I fixed it but I didn't notify Rui of the changes, because I realized that it was bothering him for things that only I was going to use.
The changes in that branch, apart from an issue of different icons, is that I have homogenized the midi editor buttons with those of the sequencer.

I haven't checked the latest update 0_9_39, so maybe even my branch is also broken now.

_Flat Style
I don't see it as crazy, and I think it is easily implementable to create a flat style option as Windowsrefund mentioned.

With it you activate:

- Gradients disappear
- Note embossing disappears in midi editor
- Track list only draws a dark border, leaving it flat (as you have done)
- Mixer strip only uses Dark color for borders, which also makes it flat.

I don't know about this last one as you all see it in general.


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