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Happy to report that this commit does fix the "snap overshoot" problem in the MIDI editor.

or does it? Of course, I had to be sure so I just compiled fresh from master and of course, I can not replicate the original issue :(

Was I the only one experiencing the problem of notes aggressively overshooting their snaps (to the right)?

Either way, I think I'm ready to stand with the non-shadow people just the same. I just don't like them (once you see it, you can't unsee... LOL). Even with the snapping issue resolved, I now see how when adding a note, it then "shrinks" (probably the 1 pixel thing) when the mouse click is released. It's just.... unnecessary and it gives the whole experience a bit of a weaker feel than it deserves. I remember testing the fix yesterday after compiling from the develop branch and for the first time, inputting a MIDI note actually felt like INPUTTING A DAMN MIDI NOTE! (lol). What I mean is, it just felt like the GUI was doing exactly what I was telling it to do as opposed to this morph-like re-render thing it does when shadows are involved. I do maintain I think it would be nice to offer an option even if it's just an added CONFIG parameter supported by cmake.

OK enough, I've beaten the note horse to death here :D