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Good morning Rui.
Taking advantage of the fact that we are approaching the stable version, I wanted to return to this topic.

Installed version Debian_11 from:

I have verified that at least on my computer, in the audio clips, the title is now completely unreadable.
It surprises me because I don't think anything has been modified in that part of the code.
Maybe the new Qt libraries vary the behavior?
Could they be my libraries?
I attach a session to confirm it.

I propose a solution. Previously I requested that the clip titles be white, however the solution could be more obvious: follow the same behavior as in "Track Number" and "Strip Title".
I think the solution I propose here is acceptable and consistent with the rest of the interface logic.
It's not a fad either, it really improves readability.

I always found it confusing that the color chosen for the track did not correspond to the final color.
I understand that on the track, the difference may be due to the decorative gradient and it is an acceptable difference.
However the previous [#53ad53] should be the same as the ending [#288028].


However, as always, I will respect your criteria.
Thanks for everything.

I know you made it easier to change the color when compiling.
However, I have some versions, in which the binaries I get give problems.
It's probably my problem with library versions:

A: Crashing when opening sessions from Qtractor.
B: Qtractor does not save the position of elements (windows toolbars...) when saving.

I mention it simply for the record. It's not something that needs to be fixed.

In the end, I decided to always install official .debs.
I lose some customization, but I gain stability and standardization.

File attachments: