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hi GEN-es,

nice to have you back in business here :)

re. 1_

I don't think it's related to your libraries or else... it's just about that some fg/bg color combinations are not really suited here, specially when they're close in luminance, perhaps... idk.

re. 2_

I believe white is not a (very) good option here... maybe a contrast formula against the bg color? whether it's light or dark? that would be awesome... left to you as an exercise.. ;)

re. 3_

confusing colors? they're set that way for 2 decades already :)--give or take the saturation slider, which was a relatively recent addition--my recommendation is to leave it as is, for now, the other ones may take a better and short-term approach and fix, but this one, I guess, sounds like just a nitpick :)