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Hello Philippe,

16ms is a bit on the edge, some might notice it, some don't. If I really focus I notice it, especially when I'm playing guitar through Guitarix/Rakarrack so I prefer having a (system) latency below 10ms ( for example 48Khz, 128 frames and a buffer of 3) when doing real-time stuff. I don't think it's related to the version of JACK you're using, there shouldn't be any difference. And you're right to stick with 48Khz. USB sound devices prefer system latencies which are a round number ( and you can't achieve that with a sample rate like 44.1Khz, you can with 48Khz though: number of frames/sample rate*number of periods=system latency
So 48Khz, 128 and a buffer of 3 would yield: 128/48000*3=0.008, so a nice round number. And the snd-usb-audio kernel module most definitely supports 48Khz.