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just to let you know, i'm still failing to reproduce this behavior no matter i try...

even though, after our brief on irc yesterday where you pointed out that session templates are involved somehow, i can't deal to make midi not working at all, and boy i have tried many times :)

i have this suspicion that this might, just might, be related to the desktop environment in effect. please, take note that, depending on the desktop environment flavor or even of the distro where it might be built to purpose, libqt4 has this interesting feature that the file open/save requester dialog may get to be a native one--that means that when you open or save a file in qtractor, the actual dialog might be one native to your desktop environment and not necessarily a qt4 generic one.

for the record, i'm using kde4 (opensuse) and there seems to be no issues re. midi stopping when any of the common kde4 file open/save dialogs are up. so then i'll ask: which kind of dialogs are that in your case, do they look familiar to your desktop environment or do they look specific to qt4 applications, qtractor in particular? a screenshot or two would be welcome, just in case... ;)