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I think the difference respectively new feature is that the display gets yellow when its value is changed.
not really. that color changing was there before, but now consistent with (new) preset (re)loading.

samplv1 [bug] - DCA1 sometimes attack don´t works if release was changed.
can you explain a little better what and when it's not working?

Chorus and Flanger only making a delay which is not adjustable, no modulation.
well, those included effects aren't that state-of-the-art anyway. some controls are just included for fun (eg."flanger daft":), others are kind of limited (eg. "chorus modulation")...

Could you add 2 knobs for adjusting separately how velocity affects DCA and DCF
how exactly is that "how"? :) key velocity (and channel pressure) already affects DCA envelope amount; however it doesn't for the DCF envelope--do you miss that so badly? i can try adding it up to that too but why you ask for new control knobs exactly?

[UPDATE] todays svn trunk rev.707 have both this key velocity and channel pressure also affecting of DCF Envelope. enjoy ;)

cheers && thanks