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not really. that color changing was there before, but now consistent with (new) preset (re)loading.

I've lost :-(

can you explain a little better what and when it's not working?

I think I found a reproduceable way: in DCA1 set Attack to 0 and then Release to 100 -
now increase the Attack parameter – the sound doesn´t change.
Let the Attack parameter on 100 – now decrease Release – say about 20
and now the sound has Attack.
This happens not in synthv1.

well, those included effects aren't that state-of-the-art anyway.

That would be alright – but really : only level and feedback is working – it only makes a delay with fixed delay time.

how exactly is that "how"? :) key velocity (and channel pressure) already affects DCA envelope amount;

Yes that´s right – I meant to control the amount of affect – mostly to have the possibility to turn it down or off.

however it doesn't for the DCF envelope--do you miss that so badly? i can try adding it up to that too but why you ask for new control knobs exactly?

I like this as another way of (electronic) expression to use key-velocity not only to control the "loudness".
So there is a need for a knob to control how strong velocity influences the filter.
But it is okay if you do not want to change the design - it was only a proposal

many thanks for the quick response :-)