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re. firstly, i am not involved in kxstudio whatsoever so don't sue me but the girl is about hatsune miku, i believe the mascot of the kxstudio release you're trying.

re. secondly. kxstudio provides its own original tools, so to speak, which envolves jack and ladish session management, named after some feminine/girlish names last time i've been told. most importantly, they intend to replace qjackctl in most if not all of ways so i'll leave you there :)

re. thirdly, i suppose default kxstudio color scheme is still a black one ie. even darker than dark. maybe you can change it to your taste, it's a kde4 environment so i guess you only have to go into configure desktop/application appearance/colors and set your preferences (mine is "wonton soup" as you may readily infer from official screenshots)

re. witchcraft, what exactly was or is the problem i'm missing here?