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Okay, you're right. Flawlessly was not a very good choice of words. ;) There are a few quirky things still, but at least I'm actually able to get audio in and out of them, and see their GUIs.

Jackd gets shutdown occasionally when trying to add a plugin (any type) while the transport is running. What is really nice is that Qtractor now restarts jackd automatically. What is not so nice is it fails to reconnect any connections. [EDIT-1] I also noticed I'm ending up with multiple jackd processes.

[EDIT-2] Also, when using the EDIT button on the DSSI-VST mini Window to show the VST Control Interface, I can only use it once. If I close it, the EDIT button never re-opens it. I dunno if this is helpful, but here is the output from Qtractor's Messages window:
DSSIVSTPluginInstance::configure: show gui: value /tmp/rplugin_gui_fmZfI8
dssi-vst_gui: configure_handler, returning 0
RemoteVSTServer::showGUI(/tmp/rplugin_gui_fmZfI8): guiVisible is 1

dssi-vst_gui: No contact from plugin -- timed out on startup

dssi-vst_gui[1]: exiting

You are making unbelievable progress on this Rui! Very impressive indeed! :)