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Very good solution, that the selection-box simply shows no takes and the ok button stays disabled until a valid choice is made. On more thing i found. If you set a range in the middle of a clip and create takes from it, the clip gets splitted into two clips. The latter one is showing the 'correct' takes behaviour, but the first one also pretends to hold the same takes as the later one, which is not the case. If you delete the later one, you can still select takes on the first one which doesn't do anything. If you do not delete the second clip, you can change the takes of the second one, by choosing a take from the first ones take list. Also, if you move the second clip to another position of the track and change the take of the first clip, it gets restored to its original position in the track. I'm not sure, if splitting the clip by choosing a takes range in the middle of a clip is a intended behavior. The latter one, described above i would suppose isn't.