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If you set a range in the middle of a clip and create takes from it, the clip gets splitted into two clips.

that is intended behavior. or iow. is working as designed, as originally at least :).

the first split clip is so called the clip-head and remains the same whenever you switch/select takes; the second ones, then called clip-takes are just that, they represent the folded clip takes---these are the ones you may switch/select in a circular basis, while the the clip-head stays put.

as a matter of fact, if you edit or change around the clip-head or any of the clip-takes you'll be destroying the taken information memory, so to speak; like you're committed to the one you are editing (becoming the definitive take, as the chosen one, thereafter:)). as long you don't touch the clip segments, either the clip-head or clip-takes, the information will get saved to the session file. of course, the actual media file that is represented by the clips, either in take fold or not, is not ever modified. as usual in good old non-destructive fashion :)

now, you can argue that the clip-head may be showing a probably incorrect label as "(Take N)" instead of just "(Take 1)", whenever you actually have selected the Nth clip-take (N > 1). might be that the big problem? :))