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Yeah, but why is that? Is it just a technical thing, a limiting factor by the internal implementation or is it really intended behavior? And if it's intended, i don't understand the intention though :) I actually CAN move the cliphead as well as the cliptakes around without loosing the takes information. But if i try to switch to another take, the moved takesclip magically jumps back to it's previous position on the track. What i'm trying to outline here is, that from the point of view of a user, who don't know anything about the implementation or maybe the thoughts of the developer, it is simply hard to understand, why the heck, the clips is jumping back as soon as he tries to change to another take(at least, that's what i expirienced). I will try to extend the docs regarding this point, but to me it seems a bit weird to write '...but don't try to move the takesclip nor the cliphead anywhere, otherwise it will jump around if you select another take.'. Sorry, maybe i'm just exorbitantly stupid... :)