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hi, thanks for your thoughts. really appreciated.

re. MIDI automation: besides the fixed CC#1 (modulation), CC#7 (channel volume), CC#10 (channel panning) pitch-bend, there's nothing much you can do via explicit MIDI controllers. however, there's the possibility to automate any of the current parameters as in the plugin form when controlled under a lv2 host like qtractor or ardour3. add to that that you can assign any MIDI controller to any plugin parameter then you'll have MIDI automation alright.

alas, there's a catch that applies to the way drumkv1 works though: automation applies only and dynamically so to the parameters of the current selected element, selection of which is only accessible via the GUI--that probably makes it all a nonsense curiosity as far as the drumkv1 automation possibilities goes. sorry for that, but that's the way it is ;)

cheers && happy holydays