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Hi Rui,

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Please can you clarify the following just to get the small details right.

1. If I pick "yenta" in RTIRQ_NAME_LIST does this result in both "yenta" and "firewire" being handled with the same RTPRIO as they share the same interupt?

2. Is there a tweak that can be included in /etc/default/rtirq to move either yenta or firewire to another IRQ?

3. What is the best command line to sort out the usb ports? This laptop seems to have 2 or 3 internal devices per usb slot.

4. Can the the usb names to be used in /etc/default/rtirq be given a sub-name for fine differentiation?

5. Finally, what name formats does RTIRQ_NAME_LIST accept (and which command line instructions find them)?

Sorry for all the questions.

Cheers, Simon