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I don't have much experience with midi. I want to use QXGEDIT to control the output sound of my DB50XG board.
I use the Roland UM-ONE as midi device to connect a midi keyboard as input and the db50xg as output via usb and QXGEDIT.
When I start qxgedit I can choose the roland um-one as input and output in the /view/options menu. But when I play on the midi keyboard no sound comes from the db50xg and I don't see the out led on the um-one blink. However, when I also start Rosegarden and there choose the um-one as input and output in the studio midi setup it is working and I can then use qxgedit to change the instrument.
What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to do this without starting rosegarden as well?

Kind regards,
Jan de Weerd