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ftr. my reference was only and always been the primeval Elektor maganize article:
Yamaha DB250XG stand alone soundcard --Elektor Electronics, Jul/Aug 1997.

i have somewhere here around at least 2 spare elektor pcbs+parts and metal cases; i have built one but it got toasted a decade ago.

maybe it's time to revive this little gems already, as the ones i have working are on top of decommissioned pci soundcards (eg. turtle beach santa cruz, terratec dmx6fire, etc.).

re. midi through function... to listen to the edited sound wile editing.
as said, there's no real benefit nor convenience on doing this midi-thru in qxgedit, when you can connect directly and in paralell to the db250xg sound module instead--you'll certainly hear the effects of your edits while playing the keyboard.