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Thank you for the MMC support and GUI Discipline

Hi Rui and team.

I'm new to Linux after 25 years with Atari, MacOS9, MacOSX and Windows. Cubase has been my most used program over the years. However I have experience and with nearly all the major DAW's.

I found my way to Linux after frustratingly trying to communicate a Mackie D8b into the software, and very surprised how one after another of the "big guns" offered improper MMC support, or lacked proper useful generic controller feedback.

So at my wits end I tried Ardour and was pleasantly suprised at the support for MMC and Generic MIDI control. Naturally I became curious about it's native platform and after a painful 2 weeks I settled in and discovered Qtractor also.

What a pleasant suprise! My MMC track arms work out of the box! (both ways, 1st program in 12 tries to do that)

And what is this QT platform? I am amazed how well behaved the windows/dialogs are, not only Qtractor, but throughout the QT based programs. As a power-QWERTY-driven user I *really appreciate* consistent commands from my file manager right up to my plugin dialog.

The best example is the old days of Windows 2000 when most programs were just user forms. When the tab key meant something! Not pretty but extremely functional. (if surely limited in features)

I hope I can contribute to suggestions and even programming at some point. I have several years of advanced scripting and VBA under my belt and feel ready to understand C++, the basic shell scripting of Linux already making sense.

Robert McAlister
Moncton, Canada

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holy thanks. welcome aboard.

was there a stealth question somehow? i couldn't figure it out, perhaps due to my skewed reading habits :)

never mind. thanks again.

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